We train UX and Content Strategy Champions!

UX design is currently one of the hottest professions in the digital creative space; UX specialist one of the most in-demand job titles. Content Strategy is an emerging skill which is increasing becoming sought after by big corporates and smaller companies alike.

Companies are striving to create highly compelling user experiences and content to keep people engaged with their product. But it's tough to find people with the right skillset and a demonstrated track record of success.

Formal training in User Experience Design and Content Strategy can give you a definite edge.

We currently offer two courses:

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We also provide leadership coaching for UX mangers, career mapping for UX practitioners, and UX training for corporate teams. You can come to us. Or we can come to you.

In 2018, we are working with the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies to bring you a certificate program in UX Design. Stay tuned.