Logictell is Conceptell's sister consulting group, providing full-stack development capabilities to clients who need it.

We understand sometimes a project may need full lifecycle support—from ideation and design to architecture, development and implementation. This is where Logictell steps in, taking the design blueprint and converting it into a flawlessly working product.

Logictell can extend the reach of your business via Web and mobile. With extensive experience in delivery of enterprise solutions, it can build and roll out your Enterprise Line of Business applications.

Conceptell and Logictell share a close and collaborateive relationship and work seamlessly together. However, if your need is purely development or maintenence related, Logictell can also liaison with your teams or any third-party vendors to deliver polished and robust code for your product.

Reasons to choose Logictell:

  • Know-how—over 16 years of architecture and development experience; on the leading edge of the latest technologies & tools.
  • Great track record —a solid portfolio is testimony to the quality and client satisfiction we strive for.
  • No project is too big or small—teams are flexible and scalable, and can quickly adapt to your needs.
  • Experience in diverse domains—municipal government, land management, transportation, asset management, finance, healthcare, retail, real estate, ...you name it, we've been there.